Final finish in 2009 – HAPPY NEW YEAR

This is the last finish I managed to do in 2009. Whatever project I might be working on this evening, even if it is close to be finished, I will put in the last stitch in 2010. Nothing so satisfying as having a finish on January 1st. Trust me on this one, I have tried it before :).

This is a project from Tokens & Trifles that we will do in the shop next spring. We’ll use the wonderful perforated cards by T&T and they had this lovely design for a scissor keep.

The front and the back have the same design, which is nice, that way there is no wrong or right side. I need to get the silk ribbon to completely finish it. It is a lovely project to stitch and it makes me want to stitch more on the wonderful Tokens & Trifles cards. Once this is done completely, I will try to make a close up picture.

That’s all for 2009, it is hard to believe another year is gone. It seems like not so long ago when everybody was worried about the millennium bug. It has taken me some time this week to realize that 2009 was nearing towards its end, but now I am ready for 2010.

I’d like to wish all my blogreaders a wonderful, healthy, happy and creative 2010. Thank you for all your visits and comments in 2009, I hope to see you again in 2010.


4 thoughts on “Final finish in 2009 – HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Happy New Year for you and your beloved one, Annemiek. I will be one of the regular visitors of your blog, as always!

    Look at mine, for my new start! I kept my promiss to start on the floss tags!

  2. Hoi Annemiek, Helaas kan ik niet komen op de data van deze workshop. Maar ze zien er echt geweldig uit. Rode rozen is helemaal mijn ding.

    Nog de beste wensen natuurlijk voor 2010!


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