My parents’ annual Christmas gift

Over the last years I have stitched my parents a Christmas gift. I would have to look in my archives if I can find pictures of most of them. I am pretty sure I don’t have pictures of all of them. But I think I have done this for at least 7 or 8 years now. This year my mom once again told me firmly that I wasn’t to stitch them a gift as I was so busy already and there were so many other projects that needed finishing. And she was right of course.

However, Christmas doesn’t seem to be the same without their gift, so I set about to stitch something that would be doable. My friends are probably howling with laughter when they read this as I am known to have a slightly unrealistic idea of what is doable. At first I had another idea in my head but I decided to stitch Milady’s Needle’s Christmas Elegance on 40ct silk gauze with Gloriana silks. You might have seen this WIP during the 25 days of Christmas countdown.

Ever since I saw this at market in St. Charles, I have wanted to stitch it. It’s such a versatile design, you can stitch either the motifs or the background of the Christmas trees. Doing it on silk gauze would make it a tiny sampler which would fit perfectly in one of the small frames we have in the shop now. It did mean that I had to fill in a border around the design to make up for the space between the design and the frame. Which resulted in over 10,000 half cross stitches. It’s a good thing you don’t realize these things when you start. But honestly, doing the background is sooooo soothing as there is no counting involved whatsoever.

It still needs to go to the framer for a decent framing job, but this made it look presentable. It is about 4 x 6cm (1.6 x 2.4 inches). I can hardly wait to start a next silk gauze project.


5 thoughts on “My parents’ annual Christmas gift

  1. Hoi Annemiek,
    Hij is werkelijk prachtig geworden. Wat heb je er ook een beeldschoon lijstje om. Super!
    Een heel goed en gezond 2010 gewenst.

    PS. De vogelhuisjes zijn klaar, dus ik kom gauw eens bij je langs.

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