Another December finish

The last week has been pretty productive, though I can’t show all the projects I have been working on. That means, I will only have more pictures to show in 2010 :).  One project though, can be shown here already. Thanks to my friend Pam who stitched the primitive floss tags, this is the December version. I had a great time designing this one. It’s funny how some designs go so much faster than others. I imagined that these reindeer have done their job and are now out in the forest to have a party themselves.

There will be a new series of floss tags in 2010. I am currently working on the shape and the first 2 designs. In 2010 I will introduce you to a dear (though fictive) family member, Cousin Claire. Cousin Claire has bits of wisdom she would love  to share with us. She’s an avid stitcher as well and has some great ideas for designs. Once the new 2010 group is set up, I will let you know on this blog as well.

Just 2 more days of 2009 and I am going over my projects to see if there is another one I can finish. Tomorrow and Thursday I’ll be in the shop most of the day, so there isn’t as much stitching time as I might have liked. I’ll have dinner at my parents place tomorrow, we cancelled our Christmas Eve plans as they forecasted pretty bad weather. Well guess what’s up for tomorrow, freezing rain. We’ll see how it goes.

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