25 days of Christmas – final day

I am almost ready to have dinner, but wanted to post my final WIP before I do so. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas where ever you are.

My final WIP (or at least the final one in this series) is an old limited edition kit by Pat Thode from Heartstrings. I was lucky enough to snatch up a few of these kits before Pat decided to do needlepoint canvases only and the only santa she publishes now in cross stitch is in the Just Cross Stitch Christmas issue.

IMHO, Pat Thode is the VERY best Santa designer there is. I love, absolutely love all of her santas and wished I had the money and time to stitch them all, whether it be on linen or on canvas. There are still a considerable amount of canvases in my stash as well as two or three of her limited edition kits, but the time seems to be an issue.

Anyway, here’s how far along I am with this one:

He’s a tall, rather skinny santa standing next to a tree. I don’t have the picture of how it looks finished around here, so you’ll have to take my word for it, that it is absolutely gorgeous. Who knows, this one might be done by Christmas 2010. Didn’t I say that of another project as well?

I am back to the kitchen to get dinner ready. Don’t know if I’ll post much in the coming days, but I hope you’ll enjoy yourself over the holidays.


5 thoughts on “25 days of Christmas – final day

  1. Oh my goodness do you have a lot of great projects going. I’ve missed most of what you’ve posted this month due to a lot of computer issues. I got a new computer for xmas so I’ll be able to keep up better. I agree with you that Pat Thode does have some great Santas.

  2. I love her Santas too, my Santa Long Legs has been very popular with my stitching friends and is one of my favourite Xmas decorations. This one looks gorgeous too. I hope you had a lovely day yesterday.

  3. Hi Annemiek
    Love your projects – I’m glad to have found your blog thru a comment you made on Karoline’s blog. I’ve missed communicating with you. Hope you had a glorious Christmas season and many happy stitches in the new year. Melody

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