25 days of Christmas – day 24

Of course in my list of WIP’s, my Ultimate Cross Stitch Challenge couldn’t be missed. This really is a work in progress, no doubt for many years to come. However, I am having so much fun when I am working on it. That doesn’t happen often, as there are usually other more pressing projects, but I hope to be able to put in some more stitches over the next week or so.

Here is how far I am right now:

I am working at the very top at the moment, this is how tall the whole piece will be. The rabbits and ewe are from Spring has Come, I will add the other seasonal charts in their respective parts of the linen. The little square below that is from Birdsong II. There will be another design from either Birdsong I or II next to it.

It’ll be interesting to see how far along I’ll be a year from now.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve, I most certainly will. Miss Murphy is curled up on the couch, I have a nice dinner ready to be warmed up and the rest of the evening it is Harry Potter, the couch, some delicious coffee and my stitching. Tomorrow will be the final day of my 25 Days of Christmas.


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