25 days of Christmas – day 22 and 23

It is hard to believe that it’s just a little over a day before it’s Christmas. Fortunately, there isn’t much left to do. Christmas cards are sent, presents are bought, food is in the fridge and most importantly, my stitching is all set to go. What more could a girl want for Christmas?

Today I have pictures of our Stitching Book, which is a workshop that will end in January. Not all of the pages are done yet, most of them are stitched, but the assembling will have to take place at one time. My mom already has put together 2 pages to show how it would look, the rest will have to wait till the designs are drawn and the stitching is done.

This page says: Where the needle goes, the thread follows

It’s a wonderful project, time-consuming but worth every minute (or hour) of it. Once it is all completed, there will be a design with finishing instructions available, but that might take a while.

Next one up is, very apropriate for the season, a Christmas WIP. This is the three Santa’s design in our Christmas book of the year: Sint Niklausbuch by MWI Stickgaleri. We discovered this book in June and it’s been a smashing hit ever since. This is a book of which I could stitch every single design that’s in there. As you can’t see any faces yet, it’s a wee bit hard to distinguish the 3 santa’s, but believe me, they are there.

That’s it for today, I have a great WIP lined up for tomorrow. Gotta think about which one I’ll save for Christmas day. Maybe a Christmas project that I start on Christmas day? It’s been a tradition to start a Christmas project on December 25th for quite some years now. And trust me, it’s not for lack of projects hanging around the house, screaming to be started. They sometimes remind me of the Mandragora’s in the Harry Potter movie. Some of them are really loud you know :).


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