25 days of Christmas – day 21

Edited December 22nd:

for some reason I saved this as a draft instead of publishing it. So I’ll just publish it tonight and have another post tomorrow :). Enjoy.

I just realized that there are only 5 more posts left, I’d better go look around to the best WIP’s I have to share :). Which means if you do the math, that there may actually be more than 25 WIP’s in this house. Hmmmm, food for thought for 2010.

This is a good oldie, Jeannette Douglas’ s Stitching Treasure. Beautiful, beautiful design, lush silk threads and heaps of specialty stitches. I got more or less stuck with the over one stitching. Which is a pity coz I have seen this one finsihed with the embellishments and the box and let me just tell you it is drop dead gorgeous.

OK, I have no idea why this picture looks so weird. I’ve uploaded it twice and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. You’ll have to believe me that the original is much, much better looking :).

I need to think some more about the next four WIP’s. There are at least 2 that I know I want to share, as for the other 2, I’ll have to make a choice. The good thing is that one of the WIP’s shown in this series is no longer a WIP anymore. It’s all done, but I can’t show it for a while.

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