25 days of Christmas – day 18, 19 and 20

It seems that the snow around here is a work in progress as well. If I thought that driving away through 50cm of snow on Friday was bad, try driving away through 35cm of frozen snow instead on Saturday. Definitely not my cup of tea. I managed to park the car yesterday evening, courtesy of a snow shovel that I got from mom and dad, otherwise I really don’t know what I would have done.

Last night and today it has been snowing on and off and I think we gained another 15cm. Needless to say, I didn’t went outside to actually measure the amount of snow :)> It’s been pretty crazy, no buses outside, hardly any cars, it’s really quiet and I think most people stay inside. I just got settled on the couch and stitched.

As for my WIP’s, here are another 3 to share with you. First one up is Indigo Rose’s Folding Cross Needlebook. I haven’t touched this one in quite a while, so it might even be a UFO, but I found it in my drawer and just labelled it as a WIP. There’s a bit more to do, I really should sit down and get it done.

Second one is from Indigo Rose as well, it’s a free graph called Cranberry something. It was in one of our newsletters and apparently, I started stitching it and then….. Well, I don’t really know what happened after then. Just another one of those projects that need a wee bit more time. This one even less than the first one.

And finally a project that is not an Indigo Rose one, but one by a dear friend, Lisa from The Primitive Needle. It is called Yule Sampler and has an alphabet and lots of motifs. I started this last year in October after I got back from St. Charles where I met up with Lisa. As you can see, I still have quite a bit to go. There is an uppercase alphabet, a lower case alphabet and numbers 0-9. You do the math, this one will take me a while to get done.

Miss Murphy sends her best wishes, she’s too busy catching up on beauty sleep to come to the blog herself. With all the sleep she’s getting, she’d better be a gorgeous kitty cat when all this snow is over.

I am all caught up now, will be back tomorrow with day 21.


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