25 days of Christmas – day 16 and 17

I am running a bit behind with the days of Christmas, first there was the newsletter for the shop to be written, lay-outed (if that’s even a word), copied and made ready for mailing. That pretty much took up the first 3 days of the week. So  on Wednesday I delivered everything to my beloved copyshop, and thought that the stress was over.

Well, I hadn’t exactly counted on this:

This is the view from my kitchen balcony.

And this is from my office at work, that bike you see there, was parked there in the morning and this was around 2pm. It really is a lot of snow :).

That’s right, that is one foot of snow at least. And let me tell you that it is highly unusual to have that much snow over here. Especially in December. I can’t remember the last time we even had this much snow here in the northern part of the country, let alone when that happened in December.

It meant that I had to dig up some old boots, plow through the snow to work, getting snow inside my boots as there was more snow than they could handle. No busses were driving, hardly a car on the streets and some poor souls who were brave enough to go through this weather on bicycles. That evening, I couldn’t even go to the shop as it was simply not safe. Nothing had been done to the roads and people were more or less told if you didn’t have to leave your house, then don’t.

Friday morning it all looked better, they had prepped the roads and it made a big difference. So in the car I got and I drove out of 50cm of snow. Don’t know if I want to experience that again, but I made it. And thanks to a wonderful customer and her husband, all the newsletters were in their bags by 3pm that afternoon. Mom and dad brought them to the postal office as I drove home early as there was more snow falling and I wanted to get home before it was dark.

This morning it looks as there hasn’t been more snow, it just froze a lot over the night. I am waiting for some morning light before I make the trip again and want to make sure that the roads have been prepped (they scatter salt over the snow/ice to melt it down). We’ll see.

Fortunately, I discovered that there are enough WIP’s in my stash to keep me occupied even if the snow got up to 3 feet and I wouldn’t be able to leave the house LOL. Here’s another one that I found, it’s BeeKeeper’s Cottage by Shepher’d Bush. I honestly don’t remember when I started this, but it seems that every year, I add another band and then put it back in the drawer again. It’s a lovely design though, and the fabric is handdyed and great to work on.

And of course I have a canvas WIP too (actually more than one, stay tuned there will be more on this weblog). This is a Christmas cracker design that I started a while ago. At the time it seemed very important to start it right away. Apparently my priorities shifted after it was started.

My apologies for the bad lighting and I realize that I should have taken a close up as you can hardly see that it is started anyway.

That’s it for now, I know I’m still a few days behind, but will rectify that in the upcoming days. Have a great weekend and stay warm.


6 thoughts on “25 days of Christmas – day 16 and 17

  1. Same situation here on Saturday Annemiek – a good foot of snow fallen overnight, which we’re not used to, same paralysis of anything on wheels. The 10yo had a great time in it though. Love your SB sampler!

  2. We have a storm with snow over here now; I guess it is the same in your city, one hour away.
    So digging up some stash is a very good idea!
    Your Sheperd Bush BeeKeeper’s Cottage is lovely.

  3. Your snow-pics are great! In a few minutes I’ll go outside and have a real snow-walk over here. Oh, how I love that, and we have to enjoy it while it lasts.
    And wow, what a lot of beautiful WIP’s/ UFO’s you have.

    Wishing you and your parents a wonderful christmas.


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