25 days of Christmas – day 9 and 10

Yesterday went by in a flurry, meetings at work, application for a course next year (work-related), lots of writing to do for newsletters and in between I cooked diner, managed to get some stitching done and cleaned up the livingroom. The paperversion newsletter for the shop is due soon and that’s always a big task. However, I have decided what needs to be in this newsletter, I planned the dates for the workshops and found the pics I need, so that’s half of the work :).

Miss Murphy was quite annoyed that with all this blog posting that I’m doing, she hasn’t made an appearance yet. I told her that she isn’t a WIP, but more like a permanent fixture but that didn’t do the trick. So here’s a pic of Miss Murphy watching me while I was making the preparations for diner last Saturday.

(“I am not sure what is going on, but I sure don’t like all the hussle and busstle. Where is my woolen blanket anyway?”)

Now that Miss M is happy again (thought I’m sure she’ll have a hissy fit over the picture as it’s not her good side) we can continue with WIP’s. There are still a few more to be found. This has been my One Strand A Day project for the beginning of 2009. I started really well and think that over the first 3 months I really did one strand a day. I am about halfway done, so if I use the first 3 months of 2010 to do the same, I might even get this finished next year. It’s a design by Marjorie Massey, though the name is beyond me at the moment.

And since I didn’t post yesterday, here’s another WIP for today. It’s a Goode Huswife design and again, the name is just not stored on my internal hard drive. I am stitching it with DMC colors on 40 count linen. I started this after I had finished this project. I was so consumed with stitching that covered the linen that I couldn’t help myself and started this project. Needless to say, it’s been sadly neglected due to other obligations and interests :). I’ll have to see when I will I can pick this up again. It’s an octagonal design and I remember that I thought it would be nice to keep the shape when finishing it into a pincushion.

That’s it for now, I am going back to my Hedebo stitching. Gotta finish band 3 before tomorrow evening.


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