25 days of Christmas – day 5

Today is a special day here in the Netherlands. Most families will celebrate the birthday of St. Nikolaas. Now we won’t go into a discussion about his actual birthday (which is December 6th), it is enough to know that a lot of Dutch kids are looking forward to this evening. As there are only adults in our family, we have decided not to celebrate St. Nikolaas with presents but with a diner. I will have the crew over at my place and this means, it will be a simple diner, I know my culinary limitations LOL.

So, considering this is a day of celebration in my country, I thought I would cheer up your day with a WIP you didn’t even know I had LOL. A surprise WIP as you would like. It is Spot the Horse by Carriage House Samplings. In my younger years, I had my own pony (named Artiska for those who are interested) and loved riding on horse back. I think I was involved with horses for about 9 years. Then my pony died, I went to university and stopped my infatuation with horses.

But apparently my infatuation wasn’t completely gone, coz when I saw this chart, I knew it had to be stitched. It is done of 36 ct Barn Owl by Birds of a Feather. O how one wished they were still making their fabrics. It’s a piece from my already mentioned fabric stash. The threads are Needlepoint Silks, need I say more? The project truly is wonderful to stitch. Good materials usually end up in a wonderful project.

Spot isn’t nearly finished, there is a lot to be stitched, but what fun it will be.  There is a tree to be added, several more round motifs and a bunch of leaves. The chart has the initials AR which I might change into AK. I can already predict that Spot will gallop well into 2010 before he is done. As long as I am having fun…..


One thought on “25 days of Christmas – day 5

  1. What a sad story, but what a great chart. Lovely horse. You made me curious about this as a finish.
    The kids are very exciting here for this evening. I think they will jump around the whole day. 🙂

    I will post a picture of my progress on Shores this weekend.

    Have a nice diner with your beloved ones!

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