25 days of Christmas – day 4

I have talked about Hedebo on several posts, but forgot to take a picture of our current workshop. This technique within Hedebo is called Taellesyning and basically it consists of satin stitches. It’s a lovely technique to stitch, it’s not very difficult, once you understand the bands, you can even graph your own ones.

The 2.5 bands you see here (the 3rd one is not finished yet), are all graphed from pictures of antique pieces of linen that I saw in Denmark. It’s quite challenging to get the bands graphed but I love the idea that the same pattern was used on a shirt so many centuries ago.

The lighting wasn’t very good when I took this picture, I will try to do better for the next one. There will be 2 more bands on this sampler. It is also a great technique to use for overdyed threads. I have seen several projects with it and it’s stunning. Especially when you work ton sur ton it gives a wonderful effect.

The good news about this WIP is that it will be done sometime in January or before. We have our last workshop class in January and it needs to be finished by then. I work on it usually 1-2 evenings per week so hopefully I will get it done in 2009.


One thought on “25 days of Christmas – day 4

  1. Very special! Keep us posted about these bands.
    It’s nice to see lots of posts from you. Can’t wait to hear about workshop for next spring. šŸ™‚

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