25 days of Christmas – day 3

Day 3 of this WIP adventure and I must say, it’s actually quite a lot of fun to go over my different projectbags, meshbags and various ways of storing my WIP’s, and see what shows up. I had completely forgotten about this ornament. As you can see, about half of it is done. This is a free graph from Blue Ribbon Designs and the great news is, that it is still up on her website. Click here for the chart. If you click on freebie and scroll down quite a bit, you will see it. Better print or save it, Belinda retires her free graphs and you wouldn’t want to miss this one. BTW, there are several more free graphs on her website.

The fabric is a piece that I found in my considerable fabric stash. I know I downsized my fabric stash last year, but believe me, there is still plenty to play around with. I know that since this involves over one stitching, I probably picked a 30 count fabric. I’ll have to see when I will get this done It might make for a wonderful evening of stitching before Christmas, as I think that I can get it done in 2-3 hours.

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