Finish from St. Charles market

One of the disadvantages of going to market (I know, it’s hard to believe but this definitely is a disadvantage, along with tired feet, no time to stitch when you see so many gorgeous stuff and mediocre food) is that you want to start at least a gazzilion things by the time you are done shopping. Your brain is on an impulse overload and you have a really hard time deciding what you want to start first.

This time was no different than any other market. I cannot control myself enough to just finish whatever project I brought along, I just have to start something new. The cute kitty from this design, made it the decision a little easier. I still had a piece of fabric left from my “homework” project (i.e. the Halloween project of my previous post) that I had brought along and I could pick up most of the Weeks.

So after several days of stitching, this was the result.


As you might guess from the shape, this is going to be another floss tag. I just LOVE those floss tags. I still need to do the finishing, but that won’t take too much more time anymore. Just have to add some interfacing and whipstitch the thing together. I’ll let you know how it turned out in the end.


7 thoughts on “Finish from St. Charles market

  1. Ah, you sound just like me – I just have the get the stuff and then I’m itching to get at it! Love the kitty – it’s going to make a very cute floss tag.

  2. Oh, die is leuk. En ik snap helemaal wat je bedoelt, iets nieuws beginnen is ZO verslavend…

    Alleen even een opmerking: als je van deze 2 stukjes samen 1 tag maakt, staan je initialen wel op z’n kop. Of was dat de bedoeling?

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