BRD – Countdown to Christmas

My Countdown Calender has been sadly neglected these past weeks, but I have picked it up again and will make an effort to get at least all the stitching done this year. I think it’ll be a bit too much to get all the ornaments finished as well before December 1st. I am making good progress with the outlines of the squares, just a meager 26 more to go. After that, I still need to backstitch around most of them as well as stitch the numbers and motifs. Despite my delay in getting this done, it is a wonderful project to work on.

Here’s my progress up to number and motif 9.


Don’t know if I shared this before, but I am using most of the suggested threads, just added Threadworx 1089 for the red in the numbers and will also use it for the backstitches around the design. Here’s an example of what a finished piece looks like.


If you look carefully you can see the red backstitches. Next time I will put something next to the ornament so you’ll have an idea of the measurements. It’s tiny, believe me. Adorable but tiny.

While stitching up the squares, I need to think about my top piece as well. I want something different than what’s on the design, which means that I’ll have to go stash hunting for the right designs. I want at least a house or two, trees, critters and a cardinal or two.


2 thoughts on “BRD – Countdown to Christmas

  1. ohhh, this looks like a fun stitch πŸ™‚
    Your stitched progress is looking lovely, it will be a beautiful heirloom after all that effort in making the tiny finishes πŸ™‚

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