Shop quilts

As promised, here are the pictures of our shop quilts. The adventure started almost 2 years ago, when we celebrated our 5th year in business. We had some quilts hanging in our classroom and I mentioned once that I would love to have a quilt with stitched pieces in it. Some customers suggested to ask them to stitch a piece and make a quilt out of it. So when our 5th year in business came along, we decided to go ahead with the plan.

Every participant received a little 6 x6 inches square of Belfast cream and 2 colors of Venus thread (similar to DMC). I believe I included in the note that the stitched part shouldn’t be more than 50 x 50 stitches and they could choose any motif they liked. Somewhere along the line an alphabet was stitched as well. In the end over 110 stitchers participated in this adventure.

After about a year we had most of the squares returned to us and we found out that some letters were still missing. Fortunately, we had some customers who didn’t mind stitching another square and in the end our alphabet was complete as well.

I spent an afternoon with two amazing quilters to select the fabric. For those who quilt this may sound rather ignorant, but I had a very clear idea of which kind of fabrics I wanted to use and I was pretty sure it wouldn’t take long at all to select them. Which only shows that I know more about stitching than about quilting LOL. Anyway, we ended up with way different fabrics, but I thought they were gorgeous.

These wonderful ladies worked on our quilt for over 5 months and it resulted in two amazing shop quilts. The quilts are so special to us, just the thought that customers took the time to stitch something for us, make them very, very special. The quilts are now hanging in the shop and it is as if they have been there forever.

Here are two pictures of the quilts, I will post some pictures of the event of the 17th later on.



Aren’t they gorgeous? If you are “in the neighbourhood” do come by and see the quilts in person. They are more than worth the trip.

9 thoughts on “Shop quilts

  1. Wow – they are just gorgeous – how special of your customers to participate in your celebration but also special that they feel part of the shop too.
    The second one really is quite eye catching – I would love to visit in person 🙂

  2. Wat zien die er fantastisch mooi uit zeg. Echt heel bijzonder om te weten dat zoveel mensen eraan gewerkt hebben, speciaal voor jou en je winkel.

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