Primitive floss tag October

I think it’s been a while since I posted my primitive floss tags here, so I thought I’d share the one for October. It’s been just uploaded to the group. My friend Pam stitches the models and I do the finishing, which to be honest is quite easy. Ever since I got a Crop-a-Dile it’s been a lot easier. No more poking around with my scissors, just hoping that the hole would be big enough but not too big.

The Crop-a-Dile is a scrapbook tool, I got mine from Joann’s, but there are several places where you can get them. The one I have runs for about 20 dollars, so if you have a 50% off coupon from Joanns, it might be a good investment if you plan on making lots of floss tags.


Miss Murphy is enjoying my day at home as well it seems. She’s been sleeping on her little blanket near the computer most of the time. Now that it gets colder, she loves to be on her blanket as it is almost on the heating system. Keeps her nice and warm :).

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