A quick Christmas finish

After yet another trip and a very exciting event at the shop (more about that later on), it’s time to update my blog again. Finally, some of you might say LOL.

When I got back from my holidays and market visit in the US, the JCS Christmas issue was patiently waiting for me. The release of this magazine is one of the highlights of the year for me. Every year I am anxious to see what the magazine will give us and hardly ever am I disappointed. So, still a bit jetlagged, I went through the magazine and marked which ornaments I wanted to stitch. Rest assured, I never manage to stitch as many ornaments as I pick out. I believe I found 25-30 that I would enjoy stitching.

Anyway, I thought I’d better start with something small and easy and this ornie by Val’s Stuff was just the right ornament to start with. It’s a great design, like so many of her designs.


I chickened out on the over 1 stitching, and used 32ct Belfast raw instead. Easy on the eyes. For the scarf I used a wool thread by Weeks Dye Works. They haven’t yet released their new wool line, but Miranda gave me a skein to try at home and it works like a charm. I wish you could feel how soft the stitched part is.

So, this one will go in my box of small unfinished items and we’ll see if it will grace my Christmas tree this year. At least I had a lot of fun stitching it :).

As for the exciting event at the shop, we revealed our shop quilt, which was made by our customers last Saturday. I will post pictures of the quilt as well as the event later this week, but we’d like to have all the participants receive their picture before I post it here. Let me just tell you, it is amazing!


4 thoughts on “A quick Christmas finish

  1. Hi Annemiek! Your ornament is adorable so I hope it does not disappear into your UFO box but becomes a little beauty on your tree. I just wrote a post about finishing a very old UFO this week. It is feeling great to work on it! You sound very happy in stitches…

    Hugs ~

  2. Annemieke, wat heb je weer mooie dingen gemaakt. Helaas kon ik er zaterdag niet bij zijn, maar ik ben natuurlijk wel heel nieuwsgierig naar de foto’s. Hoop DAT ik ze binnenkort in de bus krijg. Groetjes,

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