Prairie Schooler Halloween stitching

As always when I go away, I spend more time picking out which projects to bring than gathering my clothes. I have this general feeling of optimisme, that I can stitch for more hours than I can count and that I will be able to stitch a multitude of projects. Or as one of the ladies in my group in Denmark said: I’m a time-optimist.

As we got the new Prairie Schooler charts in just before I left, I simply knew I had to take the Halloween chart with me. I just LOVE these charts. And another bonus is that there weren’t so many colors so I figured it would make for great vacation stitching.

At my first stop in Germany on my way to Denmark, I was able to put in the final stitches on Meow. I guess you know that I didn’t speed stitch this cutie, but had a head start at home LOL. It was so rewarding to stitch this, with the few colors, it doesn’t require too much concentration and the end result is very satisfying.


I plan on finishing this one just as the leaflet tells you to do.

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