Denmark: Hedebo, hedebo, hedebo and even more hedebo

In August I spent 10 days in the lovely country of Denmark to learn all I could about Hedebo. Hedebo is a Danish technique that started in the late 1700’s. There are different techniques within Hedebo which makes it a great technique to learn. You can start easy and work your way up to needle lace.

In order to learn this myself, I spent a couple of days in a suburb of Copenhagen. You see, Hedebo originated in the region Koge, Roskilde and Greve, all places very close to Copenhagen. The musea in these places have wonderful pieces of Hedebo. Definitely worth a visit, though you might want to park your companions someplace else if they are not interested in needlework.

Below are a few pictures I took of ancient Hedebo pieces. As with a lot of needlework, not everything has been saved over the years and as most Hedebo was worked on linens that were actually used, some of it must have vanished because of wear and tear. There will be more pictures, just be aware, I have a simple camera so the flash is sometimes quite prominent LOL.




For those interested, we are offering a class in Hedebo, starting with Tallesyning, which is the counted version of Hedebo. Think of beautiful, geometrical bands in satin stitches. You can do the class at home, there will be an English translation of the Dutch instruction. Email me at info at dehandwerkboetiek dot nl if you’d like to get more information.


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