She’s back!

It turnt out that I took an unexpected leave of blogging this summer. For some reason I couldn’t get myself to update the blog and decided to let it rest till I felt like blogging again. And here I am.

As I didn’t have to blog, I spent quite a few hours stitching this summer. I finished some older projects, worked on some current projects and unavoidably I started a few other projects. There will be definitely stitching pictures for quite some days to come.

So let’s start with a new project, I am happy to say, I started and finsihed it this summer. It’s one of the designs in the Acufactum book Sommerland and of course it is a house. Have you ever wondered why you are fascinated by a shape or object? For me it’s houses, I can look at houses all day. The way they are decorated, the way they are built, the way they are fitting in the landscape (or not). I know quite a few customers told me that they noticed that I seem to favor designs that have houses on them. I admit, I’m guilty.

Anyway, when I had to select a design from the book, I couldn’t resist stitching this house. I love the colors, so bright and cheerful, so full of summer. And stitching with the Vaupel & Heilenbeck threads was pure joy. You can use one strand on 32 count and it covers beautifully. Here’s a picture of how the house looks without the French knots and backstitches.


I have done the knots and the backstitches, but have no picture yet, so that’ll have to wait till another day.


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