Rosina Luger part 9

I found some time last week to pick up Rosina Luger again. Funny thing about this project is, that it’s not the first I want to pick up when I have stitching time, but once I’m working on it, I have a hard time putting it down. This part is not as labour intensive as part 8. Which is great, I would love to have at least 6-8 more parts done by the end of the summer. It takes me roughly 2-3 evenings of 2 hours stitchting to get one part done. There’s a lot of railroading involved, but working with the silks is great.


Part 8 and 9 together and below a close-up of part 9.


Though you can’t see it clearly, the green squares have a light and dark color. Onto part 10, that would mark the 25% line of this project.


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