Tea Lover’s Heart

When shopping at the Nashville market we came across a new heart chart from Sekas & Co called Tea Lover’s Heart. As I knew a friend had a celebration coming up and as said friend loves tea cups and tea pots as well as quilting, I knew this was the perfect gift for her.

Now these charts call for 20ct fabrics and personally I am not too fond of those fabrics. So I converted the colors to silks and stitched the whole thing on 40ct Light Examplar Linen from Lakeside Linen. I used Soie d’Alger and Gloriana for the silks as well as some petite beads. Of course I didn’t have a lot of time stitching this and hwat usually happens is that when I’m short on time, I make a mistake and it will take even more time. Sounds familiar? Anyway, I had to take out the whole upper part of the design and restitch it, but managed to get it done in time.

Here’s the close-up picture of the heart unframed.


And here it is matted and framed.


I have a general dislike of stitching the same item twice, but in this case……..


4 thoughts on “Tea Lover’s Heart

  1. I can relate to wanting to get something done quickly and then messing up someplace with a stitch and having to rip out. The law of averages, I guess. I think that this is an adorable piece and your friend is going to love it.

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