Remember this book?

We ordered it at the tradeshow in Paris and it is one of my all time favorite stitching books. There are so many designs in this book, all done in one color and they don’t take forever to stitch. They are perfect for a little gift, card or a tiny frame.

Anyway, when we got our Kingston fabric in, I thought we really needed to have a model stitched on this fabric and what better design than one of the 50 in this book? So I looked for one that had a house on it (I have this obsession with houses on cross stitch designs) and off I went. Now let me explain something about the Kingston fabric. The labels says it is a 50 count fabric (20 threads/cm). Well, it is more a 54/55 count fabric (22/23 threads/cm) than 50 count. Meaning it is a wee bit of a challenge. But over the course of several weeks I did manage to finish my little sampler.


I used Soie Surfine 2109 for it and love how it looks on the fabric. As I haven’t decided yet how I will finish it, I haven’t cut the stitched piece for the fabric yet. I am really tempted to stitch 6-7 of these tiny designs and frame them together with one mat. Though they may look adorable in a really tiny frame too. Decisions, decisions.

For those of you who are questioning my sanity about stitching on 54 count linen, I have two more projects on this same piece of linen. One I have shown before (click here), the other is a new start. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t start a new project on this linen, if I hadn’t finished the first one. However….. one of my threads were missing so I couldn’t progress on my wee hares and of course couldn’t wait to start another wee sampler. But that’s

5 thoughts on “Remember this book?

  1. Hi Annemiek! Congratulations on the lovely little sampler! At the Aiguille en Fete show the designer had a whole wall of these, each in its own little frame, all frames different: the effect was spectacular. I would do it that way 🙂

  2. Holy crimoley! Okay, while the samplers are absolutely stunning (especially considering the size), I’ve got one question for you: Do you still have eyes?! That is so small! I’d be blind if I tried that.

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