Little House Needleworks threadpack

Ever since I saw the first of  the “new” threadpacks that Little House Needleworks put out, I’ve been wanting to stitch them. Well, to be realistic, to stitch at least one of them and who knows after that.

So when I had to travel to The Hague in May, I decided that bringing along one project (the bookmark, see post here) would probably not be enough, given that my travel time would be close to 10 hours. I quickly pulled the threadpack from my stash and put it along with a piece of fabric in my bag. Don’t you just love those threadpacks that have everything you need and you can pick your own fabric? I really do appreciate them.

So, while travelling across the country, passing through more provinces than I care to remember, I stitched away. I got the front of the bookmark done and quite a bit of progress on my LHN project. Below is the result of my stitching time on the train and a few hours in my home. I really love how it’s coming together.


Strong and beautiful by Little House Needleworks

Fabric: 28 ct Cashel antique white, stitched over one

Threads: Belle Soie handdyed silk

I realize the lighting is pretty bad on this picture, but it truly is antique white linen. The project is a bit on the back burner at the moment, but I hope to pick it up soon.


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