Crazy exchange gift from Marne

I’m back in blogging land and it sure feels good to be back. I truly enjoyed my little break, you’ll hear and see more of that in the coming days.

Just before my blogging break started I received a wonderful crazy exchange from Marne. Last Christmas I made some tags for her and didn’t think of it again.

Marne sent me this over the top exchange gift in return which left me pretty breathless. Here’s the package:


The folded fabric turned out to be a incredible quilt, done in hues of purple. I am in awe of Marne’s mastery of quilting.


I put it up on my shelf opposite of my couch, so that whenever I sit down there, I can look at it.


Marne, I already emailed you that this was totally unnecessary, but I LOVE the quilt. Thank you so much for making this, it’s a true treasure.


2 thoughts on “Crazy exchange gift from Marne

  1. How wonderful it is to receive such a special package. Enjoy your goodies and especially the quilt.

    I have started a new blog so I hope when you get a chance that you will stop by to say hello. Good that your break was good and I cannot wait to see what you have to share with us.

    Hugs en groetjes ~

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