Wonderful give-away

A while back Hazel emailed me that I had won her blog give-away. Not only did I receive a wonderful pinkeep but she also sent me three gorgeous threadkeepers. I have always wondered about these beauties and if I would have the patience to make them. Now that I have seen Hazels I know I have to give it a try. Lord knows I have tons of fabric that would be suitable for covering them.

The pinkeep design is a free graph from Midsummer Night Musings and one that I haven’t found the time for to stitch yet. Now I don’t have to worry about that anymore, cause thanks to Hazel I have my stitched version. I think that over the summer I will try to make some threadkeepers myself. (I got the pics from Hazels blog, I wanted to share these beauties as soon as possible and I wasn’t able to take pics yet).



Thanks Hazel for your generosity and wonderful crafting.

4 thoughts on “Wonderful give-away

  1. Congratulations on your win! Love the pinkeep and I too have this freebie to stitch one day. But my one day stack is very large…lol. The threadkeepers are wonderful and we will be making some for our sewing boxes soon. Since I am doing this with my lacemaking friends, we are going to use them for our bands of lace.

    Hugs en groetjes ~

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