A long lost friend emerged

I have a feeling that I keep repeating myself but as the workshop projects are done, I have time to go visiting some long lost friends. AKA work on projects that have been ignored for quite a while in favor of workshop projects. It’s a wonderful feeling, every evening I just look into my big crate of projects and try to decide which one I would like to work on.

One of those projects that have been ignored for too long is Rosina Luger. I started this with the best intentions in 2007 and thought I’d be able to keep up with 2 blocks each month. Well, that didn’t happen and truth to be told, on some days I just wanted to work on something else. However, one customer shows me her progress almost monthly and I really love how it looks. So what better way to get my own Rosina Luger than by starting to stitch on it again?

Earlier this week I managed to get a good start on block 7 and after a couple more hours it is done. The blocks are not wide, about 2.5 inches but you work with 2 strands of silk and I use railroading on almost all of the satin stitches. It gives a wonderful shine to the project. Here’s how it looks in detail.


And a picture of the total project so far. Bear in mind, my customers are receiving block 33 and 34 this month, so I have quite a bit of catching up to do.


I am trying to figure out if I can start block 8 this week or not. There are quite a few commitments for most of my evenings, so I doubt I will get a start. On Saturday though I will take the train to The Hague to meet with my stitching buddies and I might just work on Rosina Luger in the train.

One thought on “A long lost friend emerged

  1. I love this piece and don’t think I’ve ever hear of it before. I can’t wait to see more of your progress on this because it looks like it’s going to be stunning.

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