All in a day’s work

or should I say, all in a day’s stitching. Today is a national holiday, we celebrate the liberation after WW II and I am fortunate enough that I have the day off. A perfect day to tackle some projects that need just a little m ore attention. Around 11 am I put in the final stitches of my Nine Patch Pincushion.


Nine Patch Pincushion by The Goode Huswife

Threads: used DMC as charted

Fabric: 40ct Cloud Brown

Then it was time to tackle these 18 pieces and see if I could put them together as a ball. It all started out like this.


To get a bit of a clearer picture in my head, I  put together the top of the ball.


After another hour or so, I realized that the ball needed cording as well, so a little cord was made (and fun was had by all, being me and miss Murphy).

Then onto the other side of the ball. Here’s what it looked like when I had connected all six pieces.


The cording was inserted in the top part, secured and the final side sewn together and then it looked like this.

Now the most exciting part came, putting in the squares in between these two parts. The squares make sure that you end up with a ball shape rather than some UFO of sorts. I must admit, though it takes quite a while to get it all sewn together, it is actually not hard to do. I guess it just takes patience. Here’s what my ball looked like when I had sewn everything together but a small part that I needed for filling the ball.


And finally, after a day’s hard work (well I finished it actually a day later, it took a bit more time than I expected), here’s the finished piece. I just LOVE how this comes together, really if a designer can come up with ideas like this, kuddos to them.


Now that the workshop projects are done, I can concentrate on other projects, like by UBU. I was told last week that I really need to take another picture and update that weblog. Stay tuned, it might very well happen this week.

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