Mom’s stitching: Wachet Auf

My mom doesn’t have a whole lot of stitching time, but the time she has, she uses for the most magnificent projects. This particular one is Wachet Auf from Long Dog. Mom is stitching it on 25 count dark blue Lugana with ONE strand of Soie d’Alger. You’d think it would never cover enough especially with the dark fabric, but it looks beautiful. Once the band she is working on is done she’s more than halfway through the design.


Just goes to show, sometimes you just have to give it a try and you’d be amazed at what you end up with. I would have never thought that one strand on 25 count fabric would cover enough or give such a delicate appearance. Anyone out there who is considering stitching on dark blue fabric, you might consider the Lugana LOL.


7 thoughts on “Mom’s stitching: Wachet Auf

  1. It’s very beautiful on the dark blue Lugana! I’m curious how it looks like, when it’s finished.

    I never had stitched something on dark linen, maybe I have to give it a try.

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