BRD – Countdown to Christmas

Last week we started with the Countdown to Christmas in the shop. It will be fun to see how the projects are coming along, there are different fabrics and fibers, so not one will be the same. I didn’t get a whole lot of stitching done, but below is my start. We had a coffee incident that caused me to work on the ornaments in the afternoon instead of the gridlines. I really think this is the first time I spilt coffee over my stitching since I started stitching. I’m not exactly looking forward to repeating the incident :).

I changed two threads, Cranberry instead of Currant and Cherry Wine instead of Cranberry. The dark red of the Currant thread was just too dark. I think this makes for a better and cheerfuller combination.


As I couldn’t stitch on the gridlines, I made a start with some of the ornaments. It’s a little daunting to realize you have to stitch 70 of those little squares and put 35 together. But I am sure we will manage. Not however, if I keep miscounting my stitches. I started the number 3 too low and have to frog it.

None of us was too happy with the verse at the top. There is always the language difference and I might just go for a completely different top. I will in any case add the days of the week just above the columns. But first, there is a whole lot of stitching to be done before I can even start thinking about that. I want to finish the gridlines first as it is a bit tedious. The first horizontal and vertical row are going rather slow, you have to count very, very carefully. Once those are done, it should go a lot faster.

Oh well, at least there are 61/2 more months to get this one done in time to be used as an actual Advent calender in 2009.

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