How crazy can I be?

This is a rethorical question, there’s no need to answer it, really. Really. I know that sometimes my mind seems to have a life of its own and I don’t control it. At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Ever since I started stitching the free graph from Blackbird Designs, I am enthralled with 50 count linens. We sell quite a few colors in the shop and last week we also got some gorgeous 54 count Kingston linen. I checked twice, even though it says 50 count on their website, it is 54 count. Yep, that’s 11 crossed to a centimeter or 22 to an inch. In case you are wondering, it makes the project rather small :).

I wanted to stitch the Easter free graph from Plum Street Samplers for a while now and decided to give it a try on this new linen. A word of caution: you cannot use your regular DMC or silk floss for this kind of linen. Or at least I can’t. I use a combination of Soie Surfine from Au ver a Soie and YLI Silk Floss. The threads are considerably thinner which makes it a lot more pleasant to stitch on this high count linen. Since both threads don’t come in a gazillion colors (I think both have about 100-120 colors), I wanted to change some of the colors as well.


As you can see the height of the design is about 2.5 inches. I will measure it carefully once I am done. Using my Qsnaps helps to open up the fabric a wee bit more. It slows down my stitching but I feel like I’m almost meditating while stitching on such a high count. I need to pick up a few more colors when I’m back in the shop later this week as I would like to add some lilac as well as get a brighter blue  and green color than I have now.


7 thoughts on “How crazy can I be?

  1. Yep, you’re crazy! lol! How do you see the tiny holes?? At least you’re not doing over one. Are you? 😀 BTW, I’d never even thought about using YLI silk thread for a cross stitch piece. I only ever used it for applique work.

  2. Congratulations for winning a prize in the BBD Sampler contest! I am looking forward to seeing your design.

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