Blackbird Designs once again

Ever since I found out that Alma has a weblog, I check it regularly. About a week ago, they posted this cute little alphabet sampler and I just knew I had to stitch it. If you are quick, you might be able to finish it in time for their contest. Anyway, last week I was cutting some 50 count fabric for Merkwaardig and while doing that, I totally fell in love with this particular fabric. It’s Falb by a German weaver and it’s such a great color. I hope the picture will show it.

So, I went over my soie surfine stash and there was this bit of Grandma Mosses left, handdyed by Tentakulum. I have always loved this color, but on this fabric it is just amazing. With the Tentakulum threads the dyelots differ every time we get a new order in, but this particular one has rather soft colors. Which matches the fabric wonderfully. These are the moments when I realize how much handdyed threads (and fabrics) have enriched my stitching life.


I have put my Gingher scissors next to the stitching so you’ll have an idea of how small the sampler is on 50 count. I can’t give you the exact dimensions as I haven’t made it to the corners yet, but it’s small. The stitching is not as hard as you might think, though it definitely goes slower on these high count fabrics. Don’t know yet if I’ll frame it or if I will put a nun’s stitch around the edges.


 Petits Lettres Rouges by Blackbird DesignsOver the past couple of days, I spent most of my stitching time on this project. And even though I know it’s corny to say this about your own stitching, I loved it sooo much that I wanted to stitch the name of a special person on this sampler. Because the sampler just asks for it. And it wasn’t hard to decide whose name to put on the sampler: my dear tante Jojo.

Fabric: 50 ct linen Falk from Weddigen

Thread: Tentakulum’s Grandma Mosses soie surfine

Dimensions: 2.75 x 3.5 inches (7 x 9cm)


Some of you may remember that we lost her 1,5 years ago to cancer. She was always more like a second mother to me, than my mom’s best friend. Over the years she taught me so much: spinning my own wool, weaving, helping me out with picking colors for projects, being there is what counts, the most delicious yet simple dessert (that I don’t make anymore as I forgot to ask about the calories), that time spent with needle and thread is time well spent and much more. I still miss her very much. And realized I didn’t have a sampler or anything stitched with her name on it.

Well, that’s remedied now, her maiden name is on this sampler and I plan to finish it so that I can enjoy it every day. What a wonderful memory of a more than wonderful person. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this sampler. I have neglected other stitching projects, but this project just demanded to be done. Now I can go back to my other stitching.


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