Now really finished

Remember how I bragged about my BBD finishes two weeks ago? And how I proudly showed that I finally had finished my Nashville project, being Pins and Needles by Blackbird Designs? And how some kind soul emailed me asking if I might have missed a few stitches?

Well, I decided that I would pick up this project once more and really finish it this time. Took me all of maybe 15 minutes. Spending more time ending of threads than actually stitching :). But it sure feels good to know it’s done now and it can go in the pile ofΒ  ” someday I will turn this into something nice”. I am still undecided about how to finish it, so I will just take my time and ponder over it.


In case you were wondering, I missed stitching three green leaves around the star motif and one row of the light pink stitches at the top was missing too.


6 thoughts on “Now really finished

  1. Such a nice finish and it was nice that someone pointed out your missing stitches before you finished it off. I did CHS Weeping Tree Sampler and forgot to put the birds legs on the birds on the left hand side of the tree. Took it to be framed – they either never saw it or didn’t call me. One day after I got it home and hung on the wall, I stopped to admire my work only to see that I forgot the legs! I never took it a apart. My birds are still legless! LOL

  2. I know this is unsolicted advice, but you could make it into a needle book. That would be sweet. Find some matching springtime fabric for inside with a little piece of wool felt.

  3. :mrgreen: Yippie! πŸ˜‰ Annemiek you did it! :mrgreen:
    Happy Dance!!! πŸ˜€

    This is such a lovely design!
    And… with ALL (!) the stitches it is looking SUPER!


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