“if you don’t feed me cat milk, I will just hide away”.

Murphy has made it a habbit to every now and then hide on one of the chairs that are under my dining table. Usually when she is ofended by something I have done, or rather something I neglected to do. Like giving her cat milk at all times of the day. She’ll cuddle up with me on the couch first, and every time I stroke her, she’ll start meowing as if to direct me in the right way. When that doesn’t help, she’ll jump off the couch, go to her food bowls and start meowing again. I am sure she’s wondering what it is that I do not understand about this. If she is really annoyed, she’ll sit on one of the big chairs and throw daggers at me (figuratively speaking, but I swear, the way she’s looking then, it’s pretty clear what she wants).

Finally, when all else fails, she hides under the table. It took me a while to figure this out and have to admit the first time I got rather worried that I wasn’t able to find her. At long last I decided to get the cat milk and see if that would draw her out of her hiding place. Which of course it did and I honestly believe I could hear her snicker. She didn’t even have the grace to do it behind my back.

Now that I’m onto her, she knows she ísn’t getting any cat milk until I am getting my evening coffee or tea. Which doesn’t really please her, but she’s coping with it. Really, a cat’s life can be hard at times.


4 thoughts on “Murphy

  1. Your story makes me smile. My sister had a cat that would do exactly the same thing – hide on a chair in the dining room. The first time the cat did that, my sister thought she had gotten out of the house. After that, without fail, if the cat wanted something, if all means of begging and meowing failed, she’d go hide on the chair!

  2. Awww…that’s sweet. When one of my dogs gets upset or offended she pees in my house. She’s awful. I wished she hide under a table and chair.

  3. This is such a cute piece of writing!! Murphy sounds just like our Topsy, except that Topsy is black, and it isn’t milk she wants, it is cat-biscuits!
    I found you on The Berri Patch – love your blog!

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