Exciting project!

Hmm, the title makes me wonder if there are any unexciting projects? I don’t think so, at least when I am at the point of starting a new project, they all seem exciting to me. How exciting they stay while working on them is a different matter LOL. I for one know that I have enough UFO projects that proof that somewhere along the lines I got more excited by other projects.

Anyway, this project is something I really look forward to stitching. It’s the Christmas Count Down Calendar by Blue Ribbon Designs. We’ll be stichting this with a group of people, gathering 2 times before the summer and then 2 times after the summer. Hopefull, by November we all have our calendars ready to be on display for Christmas.


I will be stitching my version on 40 count Newcastle Flax (nr 52) with the Sampler Threads it calls for. I know from experience that the stitching of the background will take a while.


2 thoughts on “Exciting project!

  1. Yum, love the colours. This project sounds nice. I’m going to look it up. See if I need some Christmas projects 🙂
    Love your GH patches as well. Did you know there’s going to be another GH book in September, with the old OOP Colonial Garden series? I can’t wait!

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