Scraps of fabric.

As this is going to be a surprise gift for somebody, I cannot show you what it will look like once I start, but the least I could do is share the materials before I put in the first stitch.

The fabric is another scrap that I found in my seemingly endless pile of little scraps. I just love scraps! And must admit that I have quite a few :). I picked up some scrap bags at different markets from different suppliers. My favorite scrapbag is no doubt the ones from Lakeside Linens. They seem to be putting in a good deal of 32, 36 and 40 count scraps which I just love.

Oh well, I might as well share my pile of scraps that I have. Here’s a picture of all the lovely pieces of fabric I have that are just the right size for an ornament or accessory. Don’t you just love all the colors and sizes? Some are a little larger, some are smaller but they all make my heart beat faster.

This year I firmly told myself that I would have to use at least 10 of my scraps before I was allowed to pick up another bag. So far I am doing pretty good. I used 2 for the Blackbird stockings and now this one. There are more in my folder for the BBD stockings, so I can count those as well.


Anyway, back to the project, the fabric is the perfect match for the recipient and the threads are a combination of Soie d’Alger and Gloriana. Later I will be adding a Petite Treasure Braid as well. I can hardly wait to start this fun project, I don’t think it will take too long to stitch. Check back in May or so to see what this was supposed to be. Technically, the fabric I’m using is not a scrap, it turned out that it’s a fat eight of 40ct Light Examplar. I guess I just have to start another BBD stocking to reach my scrap goal :).



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