Weekend finish nr. 2

While this looks like I had a incredibly productive weekend, I think my total stitching hours haven’t been more than 2-3. Fortunately, I had some projects that didn’t require too much time to get them done, so at least I felt like I was somewhat productive.

This is the project I started in Nashville and which I finished this weekend as well. I only had to add the Ye Olde Gold from Crescent Colours, but forgot to bring a skein home from the shop. It’s a darling piece, quick and easy.


Pins and Needles by Blackbird Designs

Stitched on 35 ct Linen (honestly, this is the name of the color) from Weeks Dye Works

Threads used: converted to WDW colors and CC Ye Olde Gold as indicated on the chart

The linen color is just wonderful. It’s called Linen (a wee bit confusing) and has a wonderful “old” look to it. I stitched this piece with just one strand and think it covers it nicely.

Yesterday I found out that Alma from Blackbird Designs started a weblog, One Stitch at a Time. If you scroll down a bit you can see a sneak preview of one of the April stockings. I can hardly wait to see the other two. Better get working on the ones I already have.

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