Free graph of the month

Since we have the original model in the shop at the moment, I thought it would be fun to share a picture of this month’s free graph. In case you are wondering, no I didn’t miraculously stitch this up and finish it into an adorable stand up, that was the work of Candy of The Workbasket who designed this distinguished gentleman. She kindly offered it to us to have him keep us company in the shop for a while.


The graph was a Nashville exclusive and will be sent with your order the whole month of April. He goes wonderfully together with the other Polar Quakers that the ladies from The Workbasket designed.


The penguins remind me sort of Mr. and Mrs. Penguin :). They will be great fun to stitch, just in one overdyed color (or a solid if you’d like) and off you go.

Have a great weekend, I am about to drive over to the shop and for tomorrow I have some serious stitching planned.


One thought on “Free graph of the month

  1. Love that Workbasket Quaker Penguin Freebie. Have not been able to locate it anywhere yet. Very nice stitching and finishes!

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