Grandma Pitty Poo

Thank you Karen and Debbie for your input on the bag issue. I think I will leave the bag as it is. This morning I stitched the other bag as well as a lilac egg and think it’ll look just fine. There’s another star motif that uses the lilac and together with the egg and the border, I think that’ll be enough lilac on this piece :). It is such a fun piece to stitch, though I must say that part of the fun is the gorgeous fabric. I am in touch with Pat from Lakeside Linens to see which color it is. So far we both think it is Celtic Gold.

And Julie, thanks for all your comments over the past weeks, it’s always great to hear from you.

Last Wednesday I decided to use our UBU day to work on this project. The workshop is April 3rd and I really wanted to get it done before then. This project has caused me a few headaches, it took me a while to understand the graphs for the border and by that time I had stitched 3/4 of it, so decided against taking it out. There’s another error in one of the specialty stitch graphs, but that was easily sorted. I really LOVE how this turned out. All the specialty stitches were fun to do and I really admire the designer for being able to put a design like this together.

(PS I have emailed the designer and she is most responsive to my comments, I am sure she will correct the mistakes).

Once the outlines were done, it was time to stitch the roses in the corners. They are done over one and use 6 colors. Just enough to give it depth, not enough to drive me crazy. One rose takes me about 120 minutes to stitch if I can sit uninterrupted. Of course once you have done the first, the second and third and fourth are a lot easier, that is if you don’t make a counting mistake and have to take out two colors. Frogging over one must be the most evil thin to do.

However, in between Saturday evening and Sunday evening, I stitched the final two roses and here’s Grandma Pitty Poo. First a picture of my piece when only two roses were done. I wanted to show you what a difference the little roses make to the project. Then the second picture is the finished piece.


The colors in the pic above are the more actual ones.


Now it’s back to my Patchwork Garden Pincushion Ball, it’ll be fun to finish up those sections.

Grandma Pitty Poo by Keslyn

Stitched on 28 count lilac Cashel

Threads used: Venus and Threadworx


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