Update on Easter Parade: Hyacinth it is.

After reading all the comments and looking at the piece in bright daylight, I decided to stick with the Hyacinth and add a touch of lilac to the piece. I really like how it looks on the fabric and how it combines with the other colors. I am still undecided whether I will take out the bag on the bunny’s back though. My dear stitching friends suggested to leave it as it is. I have ended some other colors on the backside, so taking it out would be quite the challenge. But you never know. I will just finish it first and then see what I’d like to do.

Here’s the border done in Hyacinth.


I am hoping that I will be able to finish this project either before or during Easter this year. there’s not that much left to do and I am having so much fun with it. It would be great to get it framed so that next year I can just pull it out of the closet and put it up.

5 thoughts on “Update on Easter Parade: Hyacinth it is.

  1. It’s looking really pretty, I like the purple additions. Personally, I would leave the bag, as it might look a bit bare without.

  2. I’m with Karen – I like the purple and I think taking out the bag would leave a bare spot. Beautiful stitching. I just found your blog today and love your needlepoint projects too!

  3. Annemiek, I love the look of the purple! You made a good decision with the border girl. And I think you should keep the basket. Your little Easter Bunny is bearing little Easter eggs for the parade. It’s a shame you can’t incorporate eggs spilling from the bag. Kind of how Santa’s toys bulge over the tips of his bag. 😀

    You are a lovely stitcher, Annemiek! I wanted to tell you that.

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