Halloween needlepoint (picture heavy)

I know, the timing of the year is completely off, but in February these needlepoint finishes were returned to me and I thought it would be nice to share them with y’all. I really loved stitching these, they were done during my vacation in September 2007, one of the most productive vacations I’ve ever had.

First of is one of the Halloween Birds from Melissa Shirley and a round Halloween design by my all time favorite NP designer, Pat Thode.


And here are close up details on both. I stitched the bird’s body with NPI silk and it has the most beautiful sheen on it. My dear friend D helped me with the stitches and the threads.


The Pat Thode canvas is done with the threads and stitches suggested. I just love it that she provides you with a stitch guide. For someone who wants to start with NP, I think Pat’s canvases are the best.


Next up is a small piece, it’s maybe an inch long and half an inch wide. It’s also by Melissa Shirly and is called Halloween Petit Four. This is a gift for D, she had another one stitched for herself and I thought this would make a neat addition to her collection. Plus it was a breeze to stitch, instant satisfaction. You can’t see the sides very well, but they are bright Halloween green.


And finally two of my favorites, the cat stand up I started a long time ago, can’t really remember when, it was definitely before 2007 and the pumpkin I started and finished in Dallas. I just love how these turned out. Because they were so small, I couldn’t use a lot of specialty stitches, but I managed to put in a few.


And here are close ups of both.



They are exquisitely finished, they’re firm, look beautiful and I can hardly wait till it’s October and I can put them up for display. Seeing all these Halloween pieces, makes me wanna pull out my needlepoint and do some more. Maybe over the next weeks I’ll be able to put in a few stitches in assorted projects. Yes, this does mean that apart from all the cross stitch projects I work on, I also have a few needlepoint canvases that are started and not finished. Though not nearly as many as my cross stitch projects.


2 thoughts on “Halloween needlepoint (picture heavy)

  1. I love, love, love how you’ve turned these into lolly-pops! How adorable! The sheen and texture is beautiful, Annemiek.

    Who cares if it’s out of season. I’m currently working on a Christmas ornament. I mean, c’mon, we have to work on these things before that holiday arrives or we’ll have nothing to showcase during that time. I plan on stitching on an ornament once a week. Once I finish one I’ll start another. By the time Christmas comes, I’ll have a nice little bundle. 😀

    However, I do feel strange when I’m stitching something out of season and even now it feels weird to stitch on snowmen which is the ornament I’m currently working on. In fact, today is the day for the x-mas ornie (current rotation).

    Those stand-ups are precious. I have a Santa Claus stand-up that I did years ago. The back was done with green velvet ~ I love touching it! LOL I didn’t finish it, but I did stitch it. ;o)

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