Stitching mouse

I am not sure if I ever shared that I used to collect mice. I think I was 12 or 13 years old when I decided I needed to have a collection. And contrary to friends who collected cats, horses, dogs or frogs, I wanted to collect mice. Ever since my collection has grown to around 220 different mice. Most of them are showcased in my livingroom. It used to be that while we were on vacation, I simply couldn’t go home without a mouse. Family and friends helped me grow my collection and I have mice from almost all over the world, including countries like China and Russia. Some are self-made, some were bought in special places (Disneyworld Paris). I have a small band, mice from glass, wood, fabric and ceramic and even a tiny ring that features a mouse on top of it.

So when I saw that she ordered a mouse from her, I just knew I had to get a stitching mouse as well. I emailed Anna and she kindly agreed to make me a stitching mouse in fall colors. Just a week later the package was delivered to my door, completely with seal and certificate. Here’s my stitching mouse.



She’s incredibly sweet and has a nice spot in my livingroom. Fortunately, Miss Murphy isn’t very interested in her.  Anna has a world of mice on her Etsy shop, so I might give in and order another one for a special occassion.


3 thoughts on “Stitching mouse

  1. Wat grappig om te lezen Annemiek! Mijn moeder is ook een muizenverzamelaar! Wij worden er wel eens gek van, maar toch kijk je er altijd naar uit. Ook mijn moeder heeft ze van over de hele wereld! Je Stitchingmouse is wel heel schattig…

  2. Oh Annemiek, wat schattig! En wat handig om te weten, van die muizenverzameling. Op internet is trouwens een breipatroon voor een muis te vinden, bij Zij maakt het. Super cute. Maar je moet wel handig zijn met vijf breinaalden…

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