Another bunny.

The bunny from the March Floss Tag seems to be quite a hit and I must admit, he’s a favorite of mine as well. All of a sudden I remembered that I had another bunny project that was still not finished. It’s Easter Parade by Blackbird Designs. Which seem to be quite the designers around this house lately. I pulled him out of the infamous drawer of unfinished projects and he seems to be doing ok. Needed a little sunshine and some personal time with me, which can be arranged.

I decided to take advantage of my bunny moment and put in a few more stitches. Here’s a picture of how he looked before I took him out of the drawer.


As I was happily stitching on the border, something was nagging me. I knew I had a problem with the Berry Cobbler color but couldn’t remember what it was. So I just went ahead and put in more stitches. Finally, I decided to try to find a post on my old weblog about him, and low and behold, there was the information I needed. Apparently, a year ago I thought he needed to have more lilac and I wanted to switch to Hyacinth. Hmmm, let’s see what you think. I have stitched a few blocks with Hyacinth as well and would be happy to hear if you think it’s an improvement or if I should just stick with what I have.


I must admit I got quite taken by the Hyacinth and stitched more than I intended to do. Let me know if you think the lilac is a keeper.


7 thoughts on “Another bunny.

  1. I defenitly think you should stick to the hyacint
    pink is not my color anyway but purple ,as you know is, is (LOL)
    groetjes Miranda

  2. I like them both! If I had to pick I’d probably go with the cobbler but that’s just because I tend to be more of a rosy, pink fan vs. purple :-).

  3. I love the hyacinth! I think it looks great and adds another color into a beautiful piece. You could always use the Hyacinth for one of the eggs in the basket as well, just to pull it together.

  4. Yes, your March floss tag is so cute.

    You’re making excellent progress on BBD bunny. I’ve seen this all stitched up and it’s darling.

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