A snack

Sunday was spent on the couch mostly, watching some tv, catching my breath and cuddling with miss Murphy. There was some time for stitching as well.


Fabric: a scrap from Lakeside Linen, 32 count

Thread: Renoir 100/3 silk by Tentakulum

Quaker stocking: March of the Daffodils by Blackbird Designs

I am tempted to stitch the Alphabet Stocking from Love is in the Air also in this color combination. This is definitely not my traditional Christmas color combo, but the thread looks so good on this particular fabric. I have another scrap that I could use for it. Once that one is done too, I will venture into the others. I can hardly wait to see which other charts they’ll come out with.

3 thoughts on “A snack

  1. Hoi,

    ik kan het bericht niet helemaal goed lezen, alleen steeds de laatste zinnen. Er staat voor de rest abracadabra in.
    Het plaatje is wel mooi.

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