HAED or lost my head

I have seen quite a few stitchers working on the HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) projects and truly admire them. I cannot imagine beginning a project that is 250 x 300 stitches or more and then stitch it OVER ONE on 25 count fabric. Ouch. What patience they must have. Suffering from BAOLP (being afraid of large projects) syndrom, I knew this was not for me.

Or at least I though so until a couple of weeks ago. Turned out that HAED had transferred some paintings by Jane Wooster Scott and it happens that I really, really like her paintings. Now it would definitely be much quicker, much cheaper and much, much faster to get me a neat reproduction and put it up the wall in my livingroom. No question about it.

But would it be as much fun? I am not sure abou that yet. I am not 100% convinced that stitching a HAED is a blissfull experience. Mind you, that has nothing to do with their designs, it has to do with my BAOLP syndrom. Consdering there are still 2 Large Projects safely hidden away, I shouldn’t even consider taking this one into my home. However, I gave in and ordered the chart. I figured I would first see what the chart looked like, how many colors were used, how big it was going to be before I would decide on the possibility that I would ever stitch this.

And in case you are wondering which chart I ordered, this is the one: Wintery Heirloom. Gorgeous don’t you think!



3 thoughts on “HAED or lost my head

  1. I’m feeling exactly the same way about HAEDs. I also was sure that I was never made for stitching a HAED but since I saw some of the Jane Wooster Scott designs my mind has been changing. It won’t take long and I’ll go for it.

  2. Hi! I’m doing my second HAED now, and really enjoying it! if you I know lots of HAED – stitchers, and many of them don’t use 25ct fabric – aida 18 is very popular too – and much easier to stitch. (work turns out little bit bigger then). Of course – those HAED works ARE VERY BIG PROJECTS – so I recommend first check out this HAED friends blog if you want to see other peoples works and then decide what to do!

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