Her head is there.

Ida Mae Crow isn’t progressing very fast. Stitching with more urgent deadlines always take precedence over stitching just for fun. However, over the past week or so I managed to get her head stitched and add some flowers. The project is truly gratifying. Stitching over one is slower, it’s more precise, it’s almost a zen activity. Of course with the fabric and the silks, the needle just slides through the fabric and the silk covers the fabric beautifully. That helps too :).


Next time I will remember to put some reference in the picture as well. This way it is hard to visualize how small it is. Her body will take quite a long time, it’s all solid stitching in a few colors. And before I can indulge in another few hours IMC (Ida Mae Crow), I need to get some other stitching done. (note to self, it speeds up the process if you don’t attach the interfacing to the right side of the fabric).

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