Early mornings and long train travels part 2

Sunday morning found us wide awake at 6.30am (who am I kidding, I was barely awake and could have happily slept for another two or three hours). We did the usual things and got out of the hotel by 7.30am. This time my GPS braincells were working much better and I got us to the metro station in no time. My mom commented that she wondered how it was possible we cut back out walking time by more than 300% LOL. And believe it or not, but at this time in the morning, Paris is actually a very quiet and tranquil city. Barely a person to see, let alone a tourist.


Even at Gare du Nord it was kinda quiet. We got to the train in no time (thanks to our trial trip on Saturday) and off we went. It was gorgeous weather outside, sunny and pleasantly warm. Too bad we were going to be inside a building all day, but at least all those other tourists and Parisians could enjoy it. The train ride took another 25 minutes and then we arrived to our destination for the day, Parc des Expositions for the SMAC trade show.


As we were a bit early, we had some breakfast (I tell you, that picnic basket my mom brings is the best and seems to be neverending). We could start walking the show at 9am precisely and had a busy, busy day. I’ll try to remember where we went and what we ordered. Now remember, this is an order only show, so it’ll take a little while to get everything in the shop, but I wanted to share part of our excitement.

First stop was Verachtert to take a look at their new kits and say hello. The kits we were interested in aren’t availalbe till the summer, so you’ll have to wait a little longer. Think small sachets with flowers and birds though. Next up was Zweigart. They have some interesting new colors, a turquoise kinda blue in Belfast, a sort of mauve/pinkish color and a light grey color. We weren’t too impressed with the first two colors, the the greyish color is wonderful and is on order. Also, we talked to them about having color 309 (light mocha) available in Edinburgh and Newcastle. Below is a very bad picture of this color (taken from their website) but those of you who know it, can probably understand my excitement when they told us they’d discuss it in the sales team and might actually do this. I have been talking about this with them for 2 years and truly hope they’ll go through with it.

We ordered some nice little booklets like the ones below. They are great for stitching a card or a small pincushion, floss tag etc.

I think we had a coffee break after all this talking. The coffee was quite overpriced and undertasted, but at least it was caffeine. Completely refreshed (ha, ha) we went to our book supplier. They had a lovely surprise for us, Miniatures au Point de Croix. This book is chock full of small, delicate samplers that are stitched over 1 on 40 count fabric by Alphabets Toulouse. We had their kits in the shop 3 years ago, and the designs are soooooo darling. Now you have the chance to stitch all these designs on whatever fabric you’d like in whatever color you prefer. The book has over 50 models in it and I know that one of the books will go home with me when they arrive. I am over the moon over this book! Price will probably be around 18-19 euro’s.

Another great book that we picked up there is ABC de Country by Helen Wind. We also have the Country book by the same designer, but this new book is oh la la, très interessante. For all of you who are fond of the whimsical designs, of alphabets, of animals, of houses, this book is just it. Both books run for about 18-19 euro’s (there is no reason for the different size of the pics, except that I can’t seem to get them to the same size).
There was also another exciting demonstration, but you’ll have to be patient for that, we need to practize ourselves and we need to get another book in before I can show you what this was. After all, I have to make sure you have a good enough reason to visit this weblog again :).
More books are on their way to the shop, I will have to make sure to add a book page to my website. Please remind me if I forget about it.
Vaupel & Heilenbeck is another favorite booth to visit. Their booth always looks wonderful, very inspiring and the people are just sooooo nice. This time they had an addition to the passe-partout hearts we already carry in the shop. The new hearts have two openings through which you can insert their linen banding. We were so impressed and just loved it. We got the hearts in different colors as well as the leaflets with the designs. These make great gifts for just about everybody. The passe-partouts hearts come in two parts, both made of acid free paper and putting them together is rather easy. I don’t have pricing on the hearts nor the designs yet, but keep an eye on the website. They allowed us to take some pics of the booth (you are not supposed to take pictures) so I can share them with you.
Time for another coffee and some refreshements and then back to the show. We had the chance to finally see the models of a designer I have been thinking about adding to the shop for quite some time. Normally, these designs are sold as kits, but we were able to get them as just the design along with any embellishments that were used. I love them, they’re different, they make me happy and they would look great in my livingroom. If somebody would just send me some time to stitch them. Here are just a few designs we ordered.
271x273_blanccomme passionchocolat
petitscoeursdenoel1 passionbbbleu
The designs are in the higher range price (depending on the design approx. between 15 and 20 euros) but so worth it. And don’t forget, the embellishments are included and you get to choose your own fabric and threads.
We went onwards and found this great booth with all kinds of ribbons and some very special fabric. It’ll be a while before I can show you anything as they won’t ship our order till mid May. Remember, patience is a virtue (and in the meantime I am counting the days). When it arrives, we will have an exciting new project to share with you, though it may take us another week or 2 after the arrival of the order to get that done.
One of the last booths we visited was the booth by Marie Suarez. Again, I had spotted her designs before we left and I was very excited to see her in Paris. She has lovely designs, they have a certain elegance and style that I really like. And what I even like more is that she used parts of her designs to make small accessoiries like scissor fobs, pinkeeps and little sachets. Below you can see two of the charts we ordered, there are definitely more coming in, but I don’t have pictures available now.
Around 4.30pm we were done and quite exhausted. Going to a trade show is a lot of fun as well as being quite exhausting. We had another coffee and a nice gentleman took this picture of us. As you can see, two very happy ladies, who shopped all day and only had one bag to show for it.
Going back to Gare du Nord proved to be an adventure. The train was getting fuller and fuller with every stop and we were wondering if we’d be able to get out at Gare du Nord. Fortunately, more people had to leave the train, but it still was rather a struggle. We got on the Thalys in time, but the train had a bit of delay. Nothing serious though, so we managed to get to our connecting train in Rotterdam in time. By that time we were both pretty tired and not much stitching was done anymore. Finally, at 1.10am we met my dear dad at the train station in Groningen. I think I rolled into bed around 1.45am.
It was a special weekend, it is so amazing how trains and planes can get us to places so fast. One minute you’re in Groningen, the next in Paris. I promised my mom if we go again in a year or two, we are going to stay two nights so that we can enjoy this wonderful city a bit more.

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