Early mornings and long train travels

My mini blog break is over and was due to a visit to Paris! Yeah, being a shopowner is sometimes very tough LOL. It did involve some early mornings though. On Saturday the alarm clock rang at 5.15am to get ready to go to the train station. Mom and me were taking the 6.45am train to Rotterdam and since I am not really a morning person, I have learnt that I need to take some extra time to get all systems (which includes my brain, kinda important) running.

We had breakfast on the train, talked quite a bit and arrived in Rotterdam at 9.30am. Time for some serious coffee which could be founded in the restaurant upstairs. Rotterdam’s train station is one that I absolutely hate, it’s so depressing. It looked as if some major rennovations were taking place, so who knows what it’ll look like in a few years.


At 10.30am our Thalys train to Paris arrived and we got on board. I love travelling with the Thalys, the chairs are comfortable, it is always warm in the train and you are able to do some stitching or reading if you’d like. My moms bag proved to provide us with more picnic snacks and I even managed to stitch for a while. However, getting up at 5.15am took its toll so I dosed of for a while. We arrived in Paris at 1.30pm and it’s kind of strange to realize that at 6.30 that morning you were still in Groningen and now 7 hours later you are in Paris.

We needed to check out some travel details for Sunday, and after another 20 minutes or so took the metro to our hotel. We stayed in a hotel near Au ver a Soie, I stayed there two years ago and it’s simple and rather inexpensive. The rooms are small, the bathroom a little cramped, but everything is there, the beds are clean, the staff speaks English and if you walk the right way, you’re only 5 minutes from a Metro station. I of course took my mom to the wrong Metro station, then proceeded to walk in the wrong direction, so we had a nice work-out.


Left all our luggage in the hotelroom and then went to one of the shops in Paris, Des Fils et Aiguilles. It’s located in a small street, you really need to know it’s there. Once again, my GPS sensors were off track, so we walked quite a bit further than necessary, but it warranted a nice Caramel Macchiato at a Starbucks nearby. Now, I know several Starbucks had to close in the US, but this one was PACKED! There wasn’t an empty chair inside, there were 10 people in line waiting to be helped and the crowd just kept coming in. It still amazes me that France of all countries has multiple Starbucks in Paris (not a city knows for its warm American feelings) and there are only a miserable 2 Starbucks in the Netherlands, the country were drinking coffee is a necessity and way of life. Mr. Starbucks, if you read this, please start a franchise in Groningen! I promise I will visit you every week and depending on where you are located, I might even come more often.

After getting a few French designs and some ribbon, we decided to hunt down a place for diner. Last time we visited, we had diner at a Hipopotamus restaurant and we thought we’d go there again. The food was once again good, quite American actually and we enjoyed a glass of wine as well. Then back to the hotel for a much needed night of sleep.


Our adventures of Sunday will be posted tomorrow. Gotta save all the best news (IMHO that’s the news about the new designs and products we got) for the last. I’m turning in early tonight, honestly, my body works best if I don’t have to get up before 7am LOL.

2 thoughts on “Early mornings and long train travels

  1. It was so nice to read about your travelling adventure to Paris. You will be pleased to know that they’re tearing down the old Centraal Station in Rotterdam and that they’re building a new one. High time, I say, although I must admit anything Rotterdam is attractive and gorgeous to me, even the decrepid old train station :o)
    As for Paris: I just NEED to go there. Can’t wait for your next post :o)

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