Patchwork Garden Pinball Cushion part 2

I seem to be making quite good progress on the 6 parts for the Pinball Cushion. This is how part 2 looks. There’s no particular order in which I am stitching the pieces, just whichever fabric I have on hand. This time I worked on Crystal Peach. Not a color I would pick myself but now that I am working on it, I see multiple possibilities for other projects as well.

Stitching the backstitch outlines is kinda easy, you just need to make sure you count to 30 and to 15 and all is well.

Next up is the part that’s stitched on cream Belfast. One of my old time favorites.


Please ignore those stray threads, now that I see the picture I realize that I do need to finish this completely LOL. Guess I’d better fill in those last couple of stitches.

The color is much nicer than the picture will let you believe. I will try to make a picture of all the panels once they are done in daylight, that should give you a better idea of the colors. They are much brighter than the pics show.

I’m taking a little break from blogging over the weekend but hope to have an interesting update on Monday. Have a great weekend and stitch a little.

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